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  1. Tree Work Is Dangerous Let The Experts Take Care Of It.


    Plant Solutions your local Tree Experts

    Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) conducted an analysis of 37 civilian tree care-related accidents reported by the media in 2014. TCIA is a trade association that advances the tree care industry.

    While these numbers are not representative of all tree care accidents involving non-professionals, they provide insight into the types of hazards homeowners are likely to encounter while attempting tree work.

    The findings were grim: Twenty-three of the accidents (60 percent) were fatal. “Homeowners may not realize how dangerous tree work can be, and how much they’re risking by taking the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach,” says Peter Gerstenberger, senior advisor for safety, standards and compliance for TCIA. “Lack of training, equipment, or situational awareness undoubtedly contributed to these incidents, which could have been avoided by hiring a professional tree care company.”

    The median age of the victim was 62, and the oldest was 76. The youngest reported victim was a three-year-old toddler. Three of the 37 victims were uninvolved bystanders.

    Most homeowners were struck by a tree while attempting to fell it, or were hit by limbs, wires, or chain saws. Others fell or were electrocuted.

    Occasionally, these incidents are high-profile; Greg Norman, the pro golfer, is the lone “struck by chain saw” statistic. He claimed to be lucky to still have his left hand after a chain saw accident.

    Norman was part of another dominant group in these statistics: the victims who were working alone at the time of the accident.

    In two-thirds of all cases, the victims undertook hazardous tree work with nobody to spot them, assist them or advise them when it might have been prudent to stop and seek out an expert.


  2. Tree Service

    Tree Care Services For Your Home or Commercial Property.

    Plant solutions tree service and lawn care professionals provide expert care and knowledge you need for healthy trees and landscape. Our ISA certified arborists will care for your trees with proactive tree care, disease prevention, and tree pruning and more Get a FREE tree service quote and learn about our free treatment today.

    We offer a complete line tree care services

    • Tree and Stump removal
    • Pruning
    • Disease & Pest Management
    • Soil Analysis
    • Tick Control
    • Tree Diseases Diagnosing
    • Tree Services
    • Winter Burn Protection
    • Deer Taste Repellents
    • Deep Root Fertilization
    • Cabling


    Find out more about our lawn care and other services

    Tree and Stump removal

    If you have storm damaged trees contact us immediately at 888-742-8733. Fallen trees and stumps left in the ground are a safety hazard and attract pests. Plant Solutions has certified arborists on staff who can treat or remove damaged trees and branches. Ask us about out tree maintenance programs.

  3. Spring Lawn Care

    Early Spring Lawn Care for a Beautiful Lawn All Summer.

    At Plant Solutions the focus of our Spring Lawn Care Programs is on a beautiful lawn that is resistant to weeds, drought, pests and fungus. We use only the highest quality products applied by trained and experienced professionals. Our lawn service professionals are highly trained use the most up to date equipment and treatments.

    We offer a complete line of Spring lawn care services

    • Weed Control
    • Fertilizing
    • Watering
    • Tick Control
    • Plant Health Maintenance
    • Tree Services
    • Slice Seeding
    • Lawn Diseases Treatments
    • Core Aeration


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    Plant Solutions Lawn Services

  4. Lawn Service and Care

     Lawn Care Services For Your Home or Commercial Property.

    At Plant Solutions the focus of our Lawn Care Programs is on a beautiful lawn that is resistant to weeds, drought, pests and fungus. We use only the highest quality products applied by trained and experienced professionals. Our lawn service professionals are highly trained use the most up to date equipment and treatments.

     We offer a complete line lawn care services

    • Weed Control
    • Fertilizing
    • Watering
    • Tick Control
    • Plant Health Maintenance
    • Tree Services
    • Slice Seeding
    • Lawn Diseases Treatments
    • Core Aeration


    Free Lawn care estimate

    Find out more about our lawn care and other services

    Plant Solutions Lawn Services

  5. Commercial Tree Care and Lawn Care Services

    Plant Solutions can handle all your commercial landscape, 
tree care, and estate management objectives.

    Using a professional landscape and tree care expert is the best way to protect and enhance the value of your commercial property. Plant Solutions commercial tree care and lawn care services can develop a comprehensive and cost-effective plan to maintain your plants, lawns, and trees. Plant Solutions staff features ISA-certified arborists and Arborjet service providers. Plant Solutions provides a full line of services for your commercial or public property—fertilizing, seeding, tree care and inventory, plus much more. Our expert staff is also available for consulting. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help.

    Have experienced professionals working for you

    Plant Solutions has provided quality, reliable, and professional service for three generations. We have helped to maintain many area properties for commercial organizations, including golf courses, historic properties, homeowners associations, schools, college campuses, institutions, orchards, and farms. We are trusted service providers for many of the area’s finest properties. Plant Solutions has ISA-certified arborists, trained Arborjet service providers, and is a member of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association and the Tree Care Industry Association.

    Plant Solutions at The Charles Edison estate. — in Llewellyn Park

    Plant Solutions at the Charles Edison Estate
    in Llewellyn Park, New Jersey


    Why hire a tree care expert, or an arborist?

    An arborist is a specialist in the care of individual trees.
    Arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide proper care. Hiring an arborist is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability. Pruning trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely with trees.

    We can work with your in-house commercial landscaping crews

    Are you short of resources during peak grounds-keeping season? Do you have the proper equipment and trained employees to run it? We can help. Let us supplement your workforce and fleet.

    Multiyear or long-term strategy

    Managing a property or restoration projects, safety issues, species preservation, and aesthetics requires reliable professionals with vision and patience. Plant Solutions has been around for three generations and will be a reliable resource for you.

    Consulting services by a certified experienced arborist, or a tree care expert

    Property managers and municipalities require long-term vision and consulting as it relates to strategic growth or expansion. Long-term management of municipal and professional properties requires site evaluations, project management, risk assessment, and budgeting. Plant Solutions has the experts and consultants to help you with all your needs.

    Plant Solutions
    can help you maintain
    your commercial property or estate.

    Call us for a free property evaluation and

    let us come up with a plan of action for your

    private, public or commercial property.
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  6. The True Scoop

    Nationally, organic lawn care is a “hot” topic. As if it were something new! It certainly is not. Organic lawn care was exclusively practiced before WWII. After the war, the chemical procedures took over.

    There are many misconceptions, myths and outright lies which have made the subject of organic lawn care almost un-definable. Chemical lawn care companies claim to offer an “organic” lawn care program, yet often just eliminate pesticides. Chemical companies and universities downplay the value of organic use, for pecuniary reasons. Professionals think that using waste products, sewage sludge, manure’s, feathers, dried blood, compost, and machines to plug holes in the ground, constitutes an organic lawn care program.

    No wonder the public is confused. People don’t appreciate what a true organic-based, or organic approach lawn care program is or what it can be. And, sadly there are only a few professionals who understand natural systems well enough, and have available the necessary products and procedures to bring organic lawn care into the twenty-first century by cooperating with natural systems that are immutable.

    Organic lawn care is, first and foremost, a methodology, a process, a way of thinking…not just the substitution of “organic-type” products for standard fertilizer formulations, and the automatic elimination of pesticide use because of some “magic.”

    Organic lawn care is based upon solid science. One must find out what is needed. Then, according to what is needed, specialized organic materials are chosen, applied at the proper time and in the correct quantities. It takes thought. The end result, however, is a minimization of chemical usage, and in many cases even elimination. (At least, that is the goal of every practitioner who is concerned about the environment and concerned about the quality of the “product” he/she produces for their customers.)

    Organic lawn care can be practiced by the average homeowner using Plant Solutions products shipped from Utah or New York. Or, if you want your lawn care professional to practice an organic lawn care program for you, he/she can be educated and provided with proven programs by Plant Solutions in Martinsville NJ, the necessary materials supplied by the professional division of Plant Solutions.

    Q: What is the basis of an organic approach lawn care program?     A: The soil.

    The “challenge” then must be obvious. One homeowner has inherited a deep, rich soil; another a measly coating of soil over hard-pan clay, or a sandy soil that simply doesn’t work.

    Often, what should be done is to add truckloads of well rotted compost to the surface and then rototill everything, the grass included, down 6-8 inches, along with other materials that an extensive soil analysis says is needed. That’s what organic farmers have to do.

    They plow their fields yearly. But, what homeowner is ready to invest thousands and thousands of dollars to improve the soil, and then repeat the process every few years, so their lawn can be under an organic approach system? Very few that we’ve met. So the challenge remains, because: you absolutely cannot improve your soil from the surface using waste products; because your grass will not tolerate “layering;” and the quantities required would suffocate the hardiest of lawns.

    The solution lies in understandinghow to “nurture” the plant AND the soil at the same time.

    The secret is oxygen. Oxygen is needed in the root zone of all green plants. Roots cannot grow without oxygen. In addition, oxygen is needed in the soil by a host of hard workers- earthworms, microbes, insects, algae, protozoa, etc., etc. When, and only when, oxygen can freely enter and sustain the LIFE within the soil, can your lawn have the foundation to undertake an organic approach lawn care program. And, no, you CANNOT cause this to happen by poking holes into the soil with a machine or spikes on your shoes.

    After oxygen has been helped to enter the soil, then you have to provide fuel energy for the many life forms within the soil so they can flourish to make the soil truly healthy.

    The fuel energy that your soil needs is provided by a product that nature has made for our use. Humates, carbon-rich, mineral-rich, enzyme-rich, with latent microbial life…and energy to “feed” the small microbes which then “feed” the larger life within the soil. These hardworking life forms orchestrate a soil-health-sustainable-system which is the foundation for your turf’s health!

    Now, you can begin to practice an organic approach! Now, the soil is being “fixed” to better grow grass than weeds. Now, the grass plant is healthy and tough and can withstand diseases. Now, insect pest damage is probably within tolerable limits. And, now, the quality of any soil is in the process of being improved… meeting the basic challenge of having a productive, life-sustaining soil.

  7. Disease & Pest Management

    Arbor Scout Programs

    Releasing beneficial bugs is one of our scout practices.

    Insect pests and diseases weaken trees by consuming or damaging foliage, stem and root tissue. We design programs to suppress insects and diseases utilizing the latest practices of Plant Health Care (PHC). Seasonal insect monitoring ensures tree and shrub health with the safest and most efficient control method instituted at the correct time.

    Each visit incorporates the application of treatments designed to be most effective at various times throughout the year. Our trained PHC Technician utilizes specially designed trucks allowing us to use the most advanced, state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly controls available.


    Some insects can cause injury and damage to trees and shrubs. By defoliating trees or sucking their sap, insects can retard plant growth. By boring into the trunk and branches, they interfere with sap flow and weaken the tree structure. Insects may also carry some plant diseases. In many cases, however, the insect problem is secondary to problems brought on by a stress disorder or pathogen.

    It is important to remember that many insects are beneficial rather than destructive. They help with pollination or act as predators of more harmful species. Therefore, killing all insects without regard to their kind and function can actually be detrimental to tree health.

    Insects may be divided into three categories according to their method of feeding: chewing, sucking, and boring. Insects from each group have characteristic patterns of damage that will help you determine the culprit and the proper treatment. Contact your Plant Solutions Certified Arborist to determine the nature of the insect problem and the proper treatment.

    Sucking insects insert their beak (proboscis) into the tissues of leaves, twigs, branches, flowers, or fruit and then feed on the plants juices. Some examples of sucking insects are aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, and leafhoppers. Damage caused by these pests is often indicated by discoloration, drooping, wilting, leaf spots (stippling), honeydew, or general lack of vigor in the affected plant.

    Boring insects –  All pests in this category spend time feeding somewhere beneath the bark of a tree as larvae. Some borers kill twigs and leaders when adults feed or when eggs hatch into larvae that bore into the stem and develop into adults. Other borers, known as bark beetles, mate at or near the bark surface, and adults lay eggs in tunnels beneath the bark.

    Chewing insects eat plant tissue such as leaves, flowers, buds, and twigs. Indications of damage by these insects is often seen by uneven or broken margins on the leaves, skeletonization of the leaves, and leaf mining. Chewing insects can be beetle adults or larvae, moth larvae (caterpillars), and many other groups of insects. The damage they cause (leaf notching, leaf mining, leaf skeletonizing) will help in identifying the insect.

    Disease Treatments

    All trees and shrubs, whether evergreen, deciduous or ornamental, may be prone to or suffer from certain diseases. The majority of foliar diseases are caused by fungi and are most prevalent in the wet weather of the spring. Our treatments provide a protective barrier on the leaf or needle surface that prevents germination and growth of disease causing spores decreasing the vulnerability of your plants to disease. Our highly trained staff can design a custom program for your property based upon your particular landscape conditions and species composition.

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