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About Plant Solutions 

Plant Solutions is a professional lawn and tree care company based in New Jersey. We have a dedicated staff of certified arborists waiting to transform your landscape into a beautiful, environmentally friendly masterpiece. We offer a variety of lawn and tree care including: weeding, watering, aeration, fertilization, and disease management. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


You can count on us for worry-free care and enjoyment of your property. I have over 30 years of experience providing professional landscape management services in New Jersey and I am a third-generation arborist. I benefit from a family history of tree maintenance combined with a modern education. You and your plants will benefit from extensive experience and certified arborists having sensible discussions about how to keep your landscaping beautiful. At Plant Solutions, we are passionate about tree, shrub and lawn care! My family has been caring for trees and shrubs since 1952.

Our clients are typically property owners who insist on timely, expert care by certified professionals. A well cared for landscape can provide a lifetime of beauty, pleasure and protection from the elements. Trees, shrubs, and lawns need care throughout their life in order to reach their full potential and survive climactic extremes which predispose them to opportunistic insects and diseases.

Please call my office to schedule a free property evaluation or a second opinion. As a third generation arborist I am positive we can help with any landscape question or need.


Our Mission & Values

We acknowledge the superiority of “Natural Systems” over the artificial stimulation methods employed by traditional plant care practitioners.

We strive to work in concert with, not in contradiction of, Nature’s own system of “checks & balances.”

We believe in building plant health from the soil up, not from the plant down. Experience has taught us that, over time, healthy soils will produce healthy plants.

We don’t believe that your landscape suffers from a deficiency of “chemicals.” Thus, we seek to avoid having your landscape develop chemical dependencies. We use chemical controls only as a last resort, like medicines, to remedy problems.

Our customers benefit from programs based upon “bio-dynamic” principles. Utilizing our unique, proprietary products to recharge natural plant and soil cycles and systems, we can enhance the beneficial natural soil biology that supports plant health.

​​Our valued customers benefit from our “Organic Principles & Procedures” developed from forty years of experience in Organic Plant Health Care and soil care with monetary savings for extra services, the elimination of costly mechanical de-thatching and aerating practices, and the need for less water.

The organic approach provides peace of mind for our customers while their landscapes are being cared for in a more environmentally sensitive manner.

To the continued good of the environment, and to the benefit of our customers, we will continue to work, cooperate, and share with other researchers whose work will advance pesticide-free horticultural practices.

Award-winning New Jersey lawn and tree services


ISA Certified Arborist #NJ-1023A

NJ DEP Applicator license #99775A

Home Improvement Licensed Contractor #13VH07095100


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