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Organic Lawn Care Services & Programs in NJ

Plant Solutions NJ offers an effective and comprehensive organic lawn care program that promotes a natural, full lawn with the beautiful hue of green you want, without chemicals that could be harmful to your family and the environment. We use the highest quality products on the market with organic blends that focus on rejuvenating your lawn, not forcing it to grow. Lawns that utilize organic culture methods also tend to:

  • Have better soil nutrient balance, promoting root health all year round

  • Recover from environmental stressors, such as harsh NJ summers AND winters

  • Have richer color and thickness

  • Be less expensive to preserve in the long term

You want a beautiful lawn. Our organic lawn care programs can get you there. Here's our process:


1. Healthy, nutrient-balanced soil is the start of any beautiful lawn.

If your lawn is not as green, full or healthy-looking as you want it to be, we always recommend starting with the soil.  A soil test will show the nutrient content, organic matter and also how acidic it is, or the pH levels of the soil. Our professional laboratory soil test reports will help us customize an organic lawn program that will give you great results. 


​2. Organic soil treatments address what we’ve found in your soil test.

We’re rebuilding your lawn’s profile from the soil up. Our soil treatments are customized to treat the nutrient deficits that exist, without stripping the organic matter that’s still there.   


3. Organic lawn fertilizers get to work to build stronger roots and provide nutrients.

This is the most exciting part - you can now actually see the difference in your lawn. Our organic fertilizer blend is applied to give you a thick, lush, green lawn that you’ll love!


Other services you’ll want to consider for your healthiest and greenest lawn yet:

Core aeration helps break up soil that is compacted to allow air, water, and other necessary nutrients reach the roots of your grass. Aeration also is essential for reducing thatch and moss build-up, which is quite common on New Jersey lawns.


Overseeding and slice seeding services will also help you keep your lawn in good shape, especially if you recently had to treat it for disease or are concerned about some thin spots. Slice seeding is very effective to not only plant new grass, but also gives more strength and rigor to your current roots and grass.

Regularly watering your lawn is essential to maintaining its appearance and health. You may decide to do it with a regular hose or sprinkler, but be sure to do it in the early morning, before the sun rises. You may also want to consider a timer-based irrigation system which will evenly distribute your water and help conserve it.

Your greener lawn is a phone call away. Schedule your free organic lawn care consultation:

Chemical vs. Organic Lawn Care Explained


We understand you want a lawn straight out of Pinterest or Better Homes and Gardens magazine. But understanding how your lawn is treated and with what chemicals is important. Our best tip is to always ask the landscaper you’re interviewing what types of fertilizers, herbicides, and weed control products they use and what’s in them.  They could be putting chemicals that only give short term benefits for your grass and could potentially be harmful to your ecosystem and your health. (Notice those tags our competitors add to your lawn that say “Pesticide treated area with a no walk/play sign on it? It’s because the chemicals could be harmful to you, your children, and your pets.) Know that you have a choice and we offer three different lawn care fertilizing and weed control options for your needs: 

Option 1: Organic lawn care program

  • Works with your current ecosystem and soil chemistry 

  • All treatments use natural compounds and blends that occur in nature

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Safe for you and your family to walk or play on post-treatment

When will I see results?  It can take slightly longer to see results, but once your soil is balanced and the pH levels are restored to normal, it is much more self-sufficient in weed suppression and disease resistant, saving you money in the long run.


What’s the cost? $$$ - most expensive in the beginning of treatment, but longer term will be much less expensive to maintain

Option 2: Traditional lawn care program

  • Made in a lab with synthetic chemicals such as nitrogen and other chemicals to force your lawn to grow and green up quickly

  • Weakens your ecosystem and makes your lawn dependent on chemicals for growth and weed suppression

  • Some chemicals used in traditional lawn care treatments are not safe for you and your family to ingest or absorb through skin. If it has any of these ingredients or chemicals be wary: organophosphates, carbamates, phenoxy and benzoic acid herbicides like 2,4 D, pyrethroids and organchlorines

When will I see results? Very quickly, usually right after the first or second application


What’s the cost? $ - least expensive, but you’ll end up paying more because you’ll need these treatments every year

Option 3: Integrated or “Mixed” lawn care program

  • A combination of organic and synthetic lawn care treatments, fertilizers and weed control

  • Necessary if you have a lawn that has disease or trouble spots or if you’re in transition to a full organic program

When will I see results? Usually within the first few applications


What’s the cost? $$ - mid-range 


Call us or schedule a free consultation to create an organic lawn care program that suits your needs and budget:

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