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Irrigation System Installation in NJ

Watering your lawn is an important step to ensure your landscape has enough oxygen and nutrients to grow. Your regular rainfall may not be enough for your lawn, especially during those hot New Jersey summers. Instead of manual watering with a hose or setting up a sprinkler every time, a irrigation system can be much more convenient and actually help you conserve water. 

Let's start with the basics: Why is watering my lawn important?

Natural rainfall is not enough! It doesn’t ensure an adequate amount and is isn’t distributed evenly enough. This is particularly true when the lawn has just been fertilized.  A good rule of thumb is that a lawn requires two inches of water per week. 

A rain gauge is the easiest way to determine how much water each part of your lawn gets. This doesn’t mean that you merely put one seventh of an inch per day. The watering should soak in to a depth of five or six inches. Short, frequent watering can cause more annual weeds, shallow grass roots and more chance of disease due to constant moisture. Too much watering will replace oxygen in the soil; the grass will die.

Your lawn and watering: Factors to consider



More water is required under trees since they take a lot of moisture out of the soil.


How often and how much has it been raining? Again, a rain gauge is helpful.

Soil type & condition

One inch of water will penetrate 12 inches into sandy soil. The same amount will soak in six to 10 inches in loam and only four to five inches in clay. You will need to adjust your water accordingly. Compacted soil will be more likely to allow water to run off and requires core aeration to remedy.


A slope allows water to run off rather than soak in. It also means that there is more evaporation due to exposure to the sun if facing south or west.


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