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Lawn Seeding & Slice Seeding Services in NJ

Most of us don’t think about our lawns until spring, but fall is the most crucial time to act if you want to have a beautiful lawn for the following spring. Fertilization, seeding, weed and thatch control, establishment of new lawns, and renovation of poor-quality lawns should be done over the next few weeks. The most ideal time of the year to fertilize your New Jersey lawn is early fall. Between now and late September is the best time to seed a lawn, giving the seeds time to germinate while the weather is still warm. During late August and September, grasses grow rapidly in the cool fall weather and have less competition from germinating weeds. Get the perfect lawn from Plant Solutions!

What is Slice Seeding and how is it different from Aeration?

Slice seeding is a great way to repair or improve a thin or weak lawn. Disease and insect damage can thin a lawn so badly that renovation is the last resort. Slice seeding will introduce new seed into the lawn and help thicken it up. This method solves lawn problems efficiently, and improves your lawn’s density. 

The seeder cuts furrows into the soil and plants the seed into the furrow. This method puts the seed directly in contact with the soil as opposed to merely spreading seeds onto your lawn, many of which will most likely not germinate. Slice seeding plants new seed into the soil without stripping existing sod. It is the best way to renew or thin a heavily thatched lawn and sow in new and improved seed varieties.

Slice seeding is the most effective way to ensure good seed to soil contact and prepare the seed bed at the same time. It enables you to have better looking and more resistant grass types that are adapted to the various conditions on your property.


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