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New Jersey tree services

Plant Solutions' tree services throughout helps your landscape thrive by being proactive about your tree care and property concerns. We have the experience to assess the structural integrity of your trees, forecasting branch growth into hazardous or unwanted spaces and of course improving their overall health shape and appearance. Our tree care services are performed by certified experts, led by Mike Haskell, a third-generation arborist. Our team will enhance the natural beauty of your entire landscape including trees and shrubs, while helping to preserve their strength, stature, and seasonal character.

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Additional tree services NJ

Customer Success Story: Bernardsville Centre Tree Restorationn
Bernardsville, NJ

Two years ago, Bernardsville Centre planted new spruce trees. Unfortunately, those trees were improperly planted, stressed out, and were dying. That's when they decided to call Plant Solutions certified arborists to help. Our chief arborist, Mike Haskell explains our work and progress since joining the project. Are your trees thriving where they've been planted? We can help!

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