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Deer Control & Spraying Services in New Jersey

Has your yard become a buffet to marauding deer and have you lost precious plants to their indiscriminate foraging? If you said yes, then you are among a part of a mega million-dollar New Jersey club that most people run to avoid. The Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences reported in December, 2020 that the damage to agriculture is more than $13.6 million. The problem has gotten to be so bad that communities have spent enormous resources to curb this serious problem.


Plant Solutions uses a deer control method called DEERPLEX and this is a part of our business that is near and dear to our heart (no pun intended!) because we are able to save our New Jersey clients thousands of dollars on deer damage while creating gorgeous outdoor spaces. Once you work with us, consider the deer buffet on your property to be CLOSED!

What is DEERPLEX and how does it work?

Our proprietary all-natural deer control spray repels deer through a sense of their smell and taste and works year round to protect your plants from damage and even includes rabbits and squirrels. Our treatment is a patented, dual action formula that’s biodegradable, organic and safe for people, pets and children, yet it is highly effective in deterring deer and other animals.


Since deer have become very adaptable in New Jersey with so many changing conditions and having been uprooted from their habitat, even the most persistent and clever deer will discover new food sources. Plant Solutions has developed a system consisting of four unique blends called DEERPLEX. We beat the deer’s instinctive adaptability by alternating these deer control compounds throughout the year to thwart their persistent munching on your plants.


Another way we support your investment is to guide you in several ways to deter their presence. One of our strong recommendations is not to intentionally place food in your yard for them. Whatever you do, please don’t feed them! Read why you shouldn't feed deer on your property.


Best plants for deer control

We always have the caveat that no plant is 100% foolproof in deterring deer, yet, there are lots of plants that we have when strategically placed for instance at the perimeter of the property might keep them from venturing further into the sacred spaces of your yard near the patio and play areas. Planting less desirable plants for the deer such as ornamental grasses would be excellent for screening as well as possibly keeping deer away since they typically do not eat ornamental grasses. There are literally dozens and dozens of choices in many different sizes, shapes and colors.


Other examples of plants deer might shy away from are aromatic or fuzzy plants. They tend not to eat Lavender, Anise Hyssop, certain herbs such as sage or Mullein that are fuzzier. Many state Cooperative Extension agencies have published lists with suggested deer resistant plants and our favorite and most reliable one based on our experience is the Cornell University’s Cornell Cooperative Extension. They are heavily into supporting communities with deer management programs and we are in alignment with their more scientific approach. Read more about plants that promote deer control here.


At Plant Solutions, we take an investigative approach to provide you with a deer control plan taking into consideration a variety of factors before we make recommendations and once we become familiar with your landscape needs, we can create a total package and program based on your needs. Our DEERPLEX program combined with strategic design concepts have supported many of our clients so they can cohabitate with nature and reduce the stress of deer constantly devouring your expensive plants.


Call us for a free consultation on DEERPLEX or a design consultation for incorporating elegant deer-resistant plants in your garden beds. 

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