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Are NJ irrigation systems worth it? Pros and cons for you to consider

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Irrigation install nj
Irrigation system installation may have a higher upfront cost, but in the long run it could be better for your lawn, the environment, your wallet, and your personal time.

If you’re tired of being known for having the brownest lawn on the block or want to spend quality time with your family rather than with the garden hose or oscillating sprinkler, it may be time to consider automating the lawn watering process with an irrigation system. These systems are an investment, and like any outlay of money, you should weigh the benefits it will provide against any potential drawbacks.

The Pros of a Lawn Irrigation System

It’s truly amazing how irrigation systems have revolutionized home and business property care. Some of the benefits of irrigation installation include:

Less time spent watering. Water what you want, when you want without even being on your property. Considering early morning hours are the best time to irrigate lawns, just set the timer for the days, times and lengths of watering that’ll work best for your lawn.

No unsightly hoses. You won’t need to pull hoses, position oscillating sprinklers and cart around hose reels. Everything is positioned permanently underground with pop-up sprinkler heads.

Planned zones. Professionally installed irrigation systems are designed to maximize the efficiency of the directed water. No missed spots. No watering of the sidewalks, buildings and other non-lawn areas.

Maintaining lawn health. Both overwatering and underwatering can lead to poor lawn health. Irrigation systems can apply the exact amount of water needed and dose water properly to areas of your lawn that may need more or less.

Efficiency is eco-friendly. Applying just the right amount of water where, when and how it is needed is simply an efficient use of a natural resource.

Professional is flexible. A professionally designed irrigation system is customized to a specific property, which also leads to water and time efficiencies.

You’re free to leave. Go on weeks’ vacation in August and don’t put yourself through the hassle of needing to find a neighbor to assist. Or get to work on time, or go to that family picnic. You are no longer chained to your lawn.

The Cons of a Lawn Irrigation System

Although there are a lot of positives of lawn irrigation systems, there are some drawbacks for consideration. Luckily, this list is much shorter:

Maintaining the system. It will need a constant eye to ensure it is working properly. Are the heads popping up? Is there a clog in a sprinkler? Professional seasonal maintenance is required for optimum performance, as well.

Repairing the system. Everything breaks at some point, and so will a sprinkler head or a control component. These will need to be repaired or replaced.

Pest problems. Repairs may also be needed due to damage incurred by underground pests such as mice and moles.

In the end the decision to install a lawn irrigation is up to you and your family. Maybe the next time you are watering the lawn with a hose and nozzle you’ll have plenty of time to consider the pros and cons carefully.

Curious if an irrigation system would be right for your lawn? We can help. Book a free NJ irrigation installation consultation.



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