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Somerset County Tree Care | Types of Tree Care Services

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Many homeowners overlook the importance of getting the necessary Somerset County tree care services to maintain their yards. Trees play a significant role in the look and feel of your property. They can be aesthetically pleasing (when properly planted and maintained) and also provide shade and privacy. There are a number of different tree care services out there that can help transform your yard or keep it looking immaculate. Below we will go over some of the most popular tree care services in Somerset County.

Somerset County Tree Care Services

Tree Care in Somerset County, NJ | Tree Cabling:

In Somerset County, NJ (and many other locations in the state), trees can grow to such a size that they are physically unbalanced and must be supported. This is typical in trees with several trunks or with an open canopy cover. Arborists use cables to stabilize these trees and ensure their safety by employing tree bracing. Below are the top reasons to consider tree cabling:

  • Prevention: Stemming the possibility of harm to property or human life when a healthy tree is damaged

  • Restoration: Increasing the longevity of a sick tree

  • Mitigation: Limiting the risk of damage to property or injury to people caused by a healthy tree

Somerset County Tree Care Services | Tree Disease Treatment:

Insects and diseases attack trees by eating or damaging their leaves, stems, and roots. For Central NJ homes, we design and execute tree spray programs utilizing cutting-edge techniques of Plant Health Care (PHC). Seasonal insect monitoring protects the health of trees and shrubs by using the most effective and safe control strategy at the right moment. Each visit includes the application of treatments that are intended to be most successful throughout the year. Our PHC Technician applies specially designed trucks, allowing us to utilize the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art tree sprayers possible while remaining environmentally responsible and friendly.

Central NJ Tree Care | Tree Fertilizing:

If you fertilized your grass, you may have neglected to do the same for your trees. Somerset County tree care firms use special equipment to deliver fertilizer directly to the tree's root zone - just beneath your lawn's root zone. Trees shaded out grass and other plants in forests, allowing the tree's roots to thrive without competing with other plants' roots. Trees are free to absorb all of the nutrients they require. For trees, a more demanding environment exists on your lawn. On a lawn, trees must compete with grass roots for critical minerals. The majority of the benefits are absorbed by the grass when you sprinkle fertilizer over it.

Trees require a different type and method of fertilization than grass because they do not develop at the same rate. Slow-release fertilizers are applied straight to the tree roots, just below the grass roots, for trees. This may be accomplished using concentrated liquid fertilizers dispersed directly into the earth or dry fertilizers poured into pits formed in the tree's root zone.

Trees also respond to fertilizer in a different manner compared to grass. Overfertilization can cause tree health issues, so the need for fertilization should be determined by measuring annual growth, inspecting visual symptoms, and/or chemically analyzing the soil or tree leaves.

Tree Care Services in Central NJ | Tree Planting:

As lawn, plant, and tree experts, the professionals at Plant Solutions NJ do much more than just mow lawns and trim trees; we also love planting trees! Whether you're trying to update your landscaping or just need a little more shade, we can assist. We are also certified arborists with the ability to easily transplant trees and shrubs. There are several elements to a successful transplant that must be considered while selecting the tree, including site selection, Moving the tree, digging the hole, and taking care of the ball. Staking, pruning, watering, mulching, and wrapping are all critical aspects of aftercare following the move. Plant Solutions will be with you every step of the way and looks forward to helping you build the landscape of your dreams.

Somerset County Tree Care Company | Tree Soil Testing:

Soil testing in Somerset County, NJ is an essential aspect of every lawn care program because it can reveal the general health of your grass, trees, bushes, and other vegetation in your landscape. Not all soil tests are created equal, either. Plant Solutions NJ offers a complete soil test solution that gives essential information to gauge how healthy your soil really is.

Other Reasons to Consider Soil Testing in Somerset County, NJ:

  • Understanding the overall health of your trees, plants, and grass to ensure that all essential minerals are in proper balance.

  • More effective fertilizing efforts. For best results, you must add pH-balanced soil and fertilizers to your garden.

  • Plants, like people, require special care in order to survive and thrive. Soil testing is a great first step to protecting your landscape from environmental stressors such as diseases and insect infestations.

  • Soil testing can also assist you in reducing your fertilization expenses since the landscape is receiving all it needs to flourish on its own.

Central New Jersey Tree Care | Insect Management & Tree Spraying:

Insects and diseases damage trees by eating or damaging their leaves, stems, and roots. Plant Solutions offers tree spray programs to Somerset County residents that employ the most up-to-date methods of Plant Health Care (PHC) to combat bugs and infections.

Seasonal insect monitoring ensures tree and shrub health with the most effective, safe, and efficient control strategy implemented at the right time. Each visit includes the application of treatments that are intended to be most effective at various times of the year. Our trained PHC Technician utilizes specially equipped trucks to allow us to utilize the most advanced, state-of-the-art tree sprayers available.

Looking for the Best Company for Tree Care Services in Somerset County, New Jersey?

Plant Solutions is a professional lawn and tree care company based in Somerset County, NJ. With more than 70 years in the industry and a dedicated staff of certified arborists, we are ready and able to transform your landscape into that of your dreams. Our Somerset County lawn maintenance and tree care services include weeding, irrigation, aeration, fertilization, deer, mosquito & tick control, and more! Service towns in the Central NJ area include Montgomery, Millstone, Green Brook, Skillman, Bernardsville, Bedminster, Hillsborough, Mendham, Chester, Watchung, Somerville, Bridgewater, and many more! For more information on our services, you can contact us at (973) 387-0007 or check out our website.




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