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Tree Planting in Somerset County | Planting Large Trees

Updated: Mar 24

Have you been looking into tree planting in the Somerset County, NJ area? Planting trees offers aesthetics and extra shade, as well as considerable value to your home's landscape.

That said, it may take years for small trees to mature. As a result, many property owners are interested in receiving large tree planting services because they want a more developed landscape right away.

While it's certainly feasible to add big trees to your landscape, there are a few things you should think about before you go through with it. We'll go over some of the critical elements to consider as you plan for your Somerset County tree planting project.

But first, let's look at some of the definitions for "large" in a little more detail. Because it is such a subjective phrase, we've decided to establish what should be considered a large tree.

Tree Planting in Central NJ | Medium Vs. Large Trees

As mentioned above, the term large is subjective. What you consider a "large tree" may be different from what a professional thinks of one as. To begin with, it's important to remember that the term "large" is relative to the species of tree. While most individuals think about height when talking about size, a New Jersey landscape professional looks at things differently: the size of a tree's root ball. That makes a tree difficult (or easy) to move and install.

For argument's sake, let's consider a medium deciduous tree around 12-15ft in height with a rootball of approximately 3ft (though, again, that is relative to the species). At that approximate size, a Central NJ landscape contractor would be able to move the tree with their standard equipment.

When referring to extensive tree planting, we are talking about trees with a root ball that is significantly more than 3ft and is likely 20ft+ tall. This size tree requires specialized equipment. We will get more into that later.

Somerset County Tree Planting | What's Best for Your Home?

Every yard is distinctive, and every homeowner has distinct requirements. While all types of trees may be beneficial to a home, some people prefer medium to big-size trees for the comfort and shade they give. A more mature landscape is visually appealing and useful in terms of functionality.

An enormous tree doesn't always mean better to fulfill your landscape design goals, but some homeowners believe they want the most significant trees possible. This can come with several disadvantages.

For one thing, planting a large tree can be extremely time-consuming. If you're going to plant large trees, make sure your contractor has adequate access to the site.

To bring more enormous trees onto your property, you'll need a piece of equipment called a tree spade, which is extremely large and sits on the back of a big truck. Depending on where you want the tree to go, getting into your yard can be very challenging.

There are a few other issues that may arise from tree spading. Tree spades are expensive, and the cost of operating one can quickly mount up. You may also have to pay additional fees to mend the harm caused by the tree spade. Because this tool is so large, it has the potential to be harmful to your property.

Although a professional can manage the installation of large trees if it's what you want, sometimes it's preferable to pick smaller ones. In the case of tree planting in NJ, bigger isn't always better. Because extensive tree planting may be time-consuming, installing a series of medium trees is much easier.

Professional NJ landscape contractors can generally manage trees around 15 feet tall with a 36-inch root ball without using a tree spade. That said, medium trees often meet the needs that homeowners want without requiring the demand for large machinery.

For example, a homeowner may want large trees for privacy screening, but medium-sized trees can sometimes do just as good a job, depending on the landscape design layout. Some trees are more comprehensive than others, and width is better than height for privacy in some cases.

Some people are surprised to find out that medium trees can develop quicker than larger trees and hit their desired height in less time than they assume. Medium-size trees will also recover faster after being transplanted than a larger tree with a more extensive root system. As a result of their ability to adapt quickly, they have a higher chance of survival, which is essential when investing in tree material. When big trees are shifted, part of their root system is destroyed. It takes a long time for those roots to grow back, and there's no promise that they'll survive.

Since medium-sized trees recover more quickly, limb and branch growth begins several years before a large tree. Because of that, in only five to seven years, your medium-size tree can catch up to the size of a large tree. In a nutshell, a medium tree will catch up, be less expensive, and have a greater chance of surviving.

Tree Planting in Somerset County | Costs to Plant Trees

Trees are a considerable investment that contributes a lot of value to your property. The size of the tree, its species, and the accessibility of the site are all factors that influence the overall cost of planting it. Homeowners typically install several trees as part of an overall landscaping project. The cost of adding a single tree and its installation labor to an existing project starts at around $500 and goes up from there.

It's worth noting that the cost per tree decreases a good amount when multiple trees are planted, as all of the required equipment and personnel already exist on site. Suppliers frequently charge similar delivery prices for one or several trees, so it pays to plant at least a few at a time.

On average, a 12-15ft tree will cost between $1200 and $1,900 to install. Depending on the species of trees, this range may vary to a degree. This is per tree and generally only one component of an overall landscape project. If you’re curious about costs for large tree planting in Somerset County, a 20-25ft spaded tree can easily cost double the amount of a medium tree, if not more.

Purchasing multiple medium-sized trees often accomplishes the same goal as a large tree for less money. There will be no need for a big tree spade or substantial labor or site damage.

Looking for Professional Tree Planting Services in the Somerset County, New Jersey Area?

Plant Solutions is a professional lawn and tree care company based in Somerset County, NJ. With more than 70 years in the industry and a dedicated staff of certified arborists, we are ready and able to transform your landscape into that of your dreams. Our Somerset County lawn maintenance and tree care services include weeding, irrigation, aeration, fertilization, deer, mosquito & tick control, and more! Service towns in the Central NJ area include Chatham, Chester, Berkeley Heights, Far Hills, Bernardsville, Bedminster, Martinsville, Mendham, Millington, and many more! For more information on our services, you can contact us at (973) 387-0007 or check out our website.

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