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It's May (Yay!) Your spring into summer landscaping checklist for New Jersey homeowners

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

You’ve probably already seen our “Spring cleanup guide,” but if you haven’t, go ahead and mosey on over there to check it out, we’ll wait. (Just kidding.) Think of this as an unofficial part two to spring lawn care maintenance; prepping for summer. Here’s what you should be thinking about for your lawn, gardens, trees, and even outdoor entertaining!

Lawn Care in NJ: Things to do for your lawn

Lawn treatments. Begin your lawn fertilizing and pest treatments now. Whether you’re using convention fertilizers and herbicide/pesticides or opting for organic methods, treatments begin when your grass (and weeds!) starts growing like gangbusters.

Soil Tests. The start of the growing season is a perfect time to take soil samples from your planting beds and lawns to assess nutrient levels. The soil test results will provide you with information about suggested additions of macro- and micronutrients to bring your soil’s condition to a more balanced state.

Overseeding/slice seeding. Warm days and cool nights are the perfect conditions to germinate grass seed. Use a lawn aerator to remove small plugs of soil from the lawn. This will help get oxygen down into your lawn’s roots. Then lightly distribute grass seed either over the entire lawn or in the bare or thinning spots in the lawn that need it most. Learn more about lawn aeration benefits.

Garden, tree, or flower planting in NJ: Things to do for your garden and flower beds

Raking. Rake those garden beds and foundation plantings to remove any leaves that gathered over the winter. This will give your emerging perennials some room to grow and remove any hiding places for insects, animals and diseases. Also tackle your lawns by removing thatch and any compacted grass.

Patrolling for weeds. Speaking of weeds, walk your property and keep a keen eye out for the beginnings of weeds in the lawn and also in your garden beds. Use spot treatments recommended by your local garden center, or contact a local landscaper or lawn care professional. Spotting a few weeds now and removing them by hand will save you from much more work in a few months’ time.

What flowers can I plant right now in NJ? First, you need to decide if you’re planting annuals or perennials. What’s the difference between annuals and perennials? It’s all in the name: Annuals need to be planted annually, or every year. Perennials get planted once and usually come back on their own every year. Flowers are a great way to spruce up your space, and many of your neighbors have the same idea, so we recommend heading on over to your local nursery in late April or early May to have the best selection. Once you choose your budding beauties, you can plant them yourself or Google “lawn care near me” to find a reputable landscaper or lawn care provider in NJ to assist with planting.

Tree care NJ: Things you can do for your trees

Tree treatments. Trees are susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections just as other plants are. And when they become diseased, they become weak and possibly dangerous. There are too many blights, leaf and needle diseases, cankers and root rots to name, but if you notice slow leaf emergence, oozing bark, missing needles on evergreens, leaf spotting and wilting, it’s best to call in a professional arborist for a tree assessment.

Things to do for your family and guests: Get rid of the pests!

Start interviewing outdoor pest control NJ providers. Your time spent outside will only increase over the next few months. Make your time outside the most enjoyable it can be and start thinking about yard nuisances such as ticks, mosquitos, and even deer which are very familiar to Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Bedminster, Bridgewater, Chatham, Warren, and several other towns across New Jersey. Start inquiring with tick spraying and mosquito spraying companies about their organic pest control procedures.

Plant Solutions NJ specializes in organic lawn care NJ, organic mosquito control NJ, organic tick control NJ, and organic deer control NJ to keep your family safe. Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more.



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