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Tick Control & Tick Spraying Services in New Jersey

According to, in 2018, New Jersey reported the SECOND highest number of Lyme Disease cases in the United States. There are immediate measures you can take to reduce the risk of Lyme Disease on your property.


Plant Solutions’ Tick Management System provides a highly effective, organic means of ridding your yard of ticks and dramatically reducing your chances of contracting Lyme Disease. Our methods interrupt the Lyme Disease cycle without harming wildlife, damaging the environment, or threatening the health of your precious pets and family.

Keep in mind that mice, squirrels, voles, ground hogs and chipmunks can harbor ticks - up to a hundred tiny ticks, no bigger than pinheads on one mouse! These seemingly harmless and often unseen cute little creatures are hosts for ticks spreading all over the yard.


Not all tick control programs are the same - We offer chemical-free, organic tick spraying programs that are safe for your entire family.

We understand your sense of urgency in wanting to eliminate these pests and threat of tick infestations on your property as quickly as possible. We have an organic solution that is highly effective and safe for you, your family and pets. Our Plex Organic Tick mix has a secret, powerful active ingredient, cedar oil that poses no risk to your health or surrounding wildlife and lasts 30-45 days upon initial treatment. Scientific studies have proven this ingredient that we use in our mixture to rid and repel ticks and even arrests the spread of fleas.


Our technicians are available to assess your landscape and customize a tick control program that suits your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

Why you need an organic tick spray management program

As climatic extremes increase with warmer winters, the rate of tick-borne illnesses—Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Babesiosis, and others—has increased greatly, understandably heightening homeowners’ anxiety. The CDC now reports 16 different tick-borne pathogens affecting humans, a handful of which have been discovered in the last several years.


Nobody wants fleas and ticks — but, once they’ve found their way into yards and onto pets, these tiny insects can be difficult to remove. What’s worse, common insecticide treatments used to exterminate and prevent these insect pests often come with a host of unwanted health risks that make them more trouble than they’re worth.


At Plant Solutions, we’re proud to present an alternative:  Cedar tree oil-based, organic flea and tick control. Scientific studies have proven this powerful ingredient to be highly effective in repelling and killing ticks and fleas in a variety of ways. It dehydrates them, suffocates them, kills newly developing fleas and ticks on contact, neutralizes their acidity and disrupts their pheromones causing disruption in their systems so they die off fairly quickly in the most humane way possible.


Three preventative tips to decrease the risk of Lymes and other tick-borne diseases

Keep up with your deer and pest control

Make your landscape as undesirable to tick-bearing “host” animals, such as deer and white-footed mice by eliminating plants attractive to them. Plant native plants that are undesirable to their taste including ornamental grasses, scented plants such as Lavender, Anise hyssop, and others. Use these at the perimeter of the property to keep deer at bay. Don’t feed them! Learn about our deer control systems here.

Keep gathering areas closer to your home

Keep family play areas at least 25 yards away from wood piles and other structures where these animals often live. Avoid putting bird feeders in areas where children play. Limit outdoor dining and entertaining to areas within closer proximity to the house.

Dress for prevention and check yourself often

Safeguard pets with flea and tick repelling accessories. Wear proper shoes and clothing in high-risk areas of the body such as ankles, arms, wrists, neck and ears. Wear a hat. Use organic bug spray repellents, which can be applied directly to the skin and also applied to clothing. Check yourself, your children and/or your pets carefully after spending time outdoors.

Ticks are most active in March through May and mid-August through November. Schedule a tick control consultation with us:

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